Professional Archery Services

Here at Archery Only we offer a full range of services. Most anything to do with archery, from helping you with your first bow to teaching a new target archer how shoot a back tension release. We also offer archery lessons from NAA/NFAA certified instructors.


Services Offered:

  • Public and Private lessons
  • Bow Tuning
  • Bow repair
  • Arrow Repair
  • Indoor Archery Leagues
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Kids Lessons
  • Hunting and Target Shooting Consulting


Repair / Service Rates:

  • Bow setup
  • Compound Bow String Change
  • Rest Install (standard rest)
  • Drop Away Rest Install
  • Sight Install
  • Peep Install (no bow press required)
  • Peep Install (With Bow Press Required)
  • Bow Press Fee